Orthodontic Braces Lip Protector Shield (Upper and Lower)

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This Lip Protector is a flexible clear lip bumper shield that covers the front of your brackets from one end of your mouth to the other protecting gums and lips.

It is one of our most popular product used as a mouth protector for Light Contact Sports. The inside of the lip protector is very soft and flexible and has double hooks that attach to your arch wire. If the hooks don't align perfectly with the spaces between your brackets, you can cut them off with scissors to create a custom fit.

Our Brace Guard Lip Protector is a great choice for musicians or people who play sports where a mouthguard is not necessary, but comfort and protection from laceration is a factor. It will also help braces newbies who wants extra help on first uncomfortable weeks of orthodontic treatment.

Each set of Lip Protectors come in a convenience plastic storage box that contains two strips, one for the top and one for the bottom teeth.

Please note: this product is not returnable due to health regulations. They can be used Light Contact Sports.

  • Can be trimmed with scissors for an individual fit.
  • You get 2 Lip Protectors one for upper and one for lower teeth.
  • Also recommended for Horn and Wind Musicians.
  • Instructions included.