Orthodontic Mouthguard Orthoguards - For Athletes With or Without Braces - Upper & Lower Protection - Made In The U.S



Product Overview

95% of mouthguard sold online are made in china. No regulation in the component use to manufacture them. Our Orthoguard are proudly made in a FDA inspected facility in the U.S. Buy with confidence.

Mouth guard for braces "ORTHOGUARD"

(Sold in single unit)

  • Maximum protection for all sports.
  • More than 5000 Units Sold nationwide.
  • For athletes with our without braces.
  • Double Protection (upper and lower).
  • It can be cut/trimmed with scissors for a custom fit.
  • Designed by dentist and made in the U.S.

We carry the best mouth guard for braces and other dental appliances available for athletes. Orthoguard was Specially designed to deliver comfort. Provide extra protection for people who wear braces. Protect the cheeks from being cut by any orthodontic appliances such as wires, brackets etc. Three breathing vents located at the front for optimum airflow. Increased clearance for the tongue, which fits comfortably between the bite pads . It can also be trimmed with scissors for a custom fit.  This is a very low profile Mouthpiece so they do not feel bulky as most brands. This is the best Mouthguard for braces to protect your mouth from orthodontic appliances.