Oral Elastics Neon Rubber Bands (pk of 5000)


Product Overview

 Manufactured from prime medical grade latex, our Elastics are the highest quality elastic on the market. Special unique packaging process eliminates the heavy use of talc and partially cut elastics. Packaged in color coded bags, our elastics are simple to dispense and easy for the patient to use.

  • Made from the finest medical grade plastic.

  • Four bright Neon Colors in each bag: Green, Pink, Orange, and Purple.

  • Very popular with children and young adults.

50 bags of 100 elastics each (5,000 elastics) per dispenser box.

Other popular uses for orthodontic elastics include: Dog grooming elastics, small rubber bands for crafts, doll hair elastics, cornrow rubber bands, model airplane rubber bands, small elastics for packaging purposes.

Please make sure you select the right size and force. Be aware, for hygienic reason elastic products are not refundable and can not be returned or exchanged for a different size.