Genuine Orthowax™ Our Bestseller Orthodontic Wax For Braces Wearer - Stick Better than competitors


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Product Overview

ORTHOWAX proudly made in North America.  Ask competitors if they can say the same.

For Dental offices, contact us for our special wholesale price.

ORTHOWAX™ is the #1 Bestselling orthodontic dental wax for braces on the market. These high quality medical grade waxes adheres to orthodontic appliances to help relieve irritated tissue. They are ideal for ligatures, wires, springs and brackets irritation. Orthowax™ is also suitable for patients wearing partial dentures where wire clasps may be causing sore spot or abrasion. Orthowax is also Ideal for aligners - invisalign and even for broken tooth. These Clear wax blends in with teeth so it is not visible.

Easily applied. Five strips per box. Eliminates discomfort and emergency visits.The box is small with rounded edges for patient convenience.

  • Orthowax™ is the #1 Bestselling orthodontic Wax.
  • Will stick better than any other brand.
  • It is clear, unscented, waterproof.
  • It is a special medical grade paraffin for temporary relief from appliance irritation.
  • Easily applied. Five strips per case.
  • Use for Aligners - Invisalign
  • You can also use it on broken tooth
  • Available in pack of 9 and 50.
  • Instructions included.

    Ask your current wax supplier where do they make their waxes.

Note: Orthowax™ is not sold in any local store. It is only manufactured and distributed by Orthomechanics LC. Most orthodontic waxes are poorly made in china, we are proud to make this product in our two facilities located in the USA and Canada. Check for our reviews online and comeback to our website. Once you order it we will send you our monthly promotions so get this wax for braces today. Orthomechanic prides itself on developing innovative products for the orthodontic Industry.

Warning: 99% of the orthodontic waxes sold in the U.S including top brands are made in china so no regulations in the components used to make them. Our waxes are 100% made in our two FDA inspected facilities (located in the U.S and Canada.)


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