NEW! Orthowax Plus For Braces Wearer - Now PreCut with Aloevera - Vitamin E - Applicator Tool - Stick Better than competitors


$10.99 - $52.95



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Product Overview

Orthowax PLUS
Now Pre-Cut with Aloe-vera & Vitamin E and
Applicator Tool Included

Made in our FDA inspected facilities - Can competitors say the same?.

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ORTHOWAX PLUS™ is the #1 Bestselling orthodontic dental wax for braces on the market. These high quality medical grade waxes adheres to orthodontic appliances to help relieve irritated tissue. They are ideal for ligatures, wires, springs and brackets irritation. Orthowax™ is also suitable for patients wearing partial dentures where wire clasps may be causing sore spot or abrasion. Orthowax is also Ideal for aligners - invisalign and even for broken tooth. This clear wax blends in with teeth so it is not visible.

Eliminates discomfort and emergency visits.

  • It is clear, pre-cut, unscented, waterproof.
  • One applicator tool is included on pk of 9.
  • Orthowax PLUS™ is the #1 Bestselling orthodontic Wax.
  • Will stick better than any other brand.
  • It is a special medical grade paraffin for temporary relief from appliance irritation.
  • Easily applied, five pre-cut strips per case.
  • Use for Aligners - Invisalign.
  • Also use it on broken tooth.
  • Available in pack of 9 and 100.
  • Instructions included.

Pack of 9 comes with an applicator tool. Ideal to press wax onto and around bracket/wire using the applicator tip. The applicator tool also helps you to cut and remove the wax from the pre-cut strip. The applicator tool is only available for pack of 9 orders.

Note: Orthowax Plus™ is not sold in any local store. It is only manufactured and distributed by Orthomechanics LC.  We are proud to make Orthowax Plus in our FDA registered facilities. Orthomechanic prides itself on developing innovative products for the orthodontic Industry.